For almost two decades, CDS has established a solid track record in institutionalizing major private and family-owned companies in the Gulf, Middle-East & North Africa, helping them reach their business objectives.

CDS' core expertise in rejuvenating and transforming companies helps client organizations to develop into world-class institutions that can be governed, managed, organized, and operated based on clear vision, mission, and strategies, as well as sound modern business systems and management techniques.

To secure sustainable and profitable growth, CDS also assists its clients in developing their human capital at all levels.

CDS has partnered with its clients to conduct, develop and put in place:

  • Institutional Diagnostic

  • Corporate and Family Governance

  • Purpose (Vision, Mission & Values)

  • Corporate and Business Strategies

  • Operational Improvement

  • Business Processes and Policies

  • Organizational Systems

  • Management Systems

  • HR Management Systems

  • Compensation & Benefits Systems

  • Implementation & Compliance