Vision, Mission and Values


To be a reference in high value-adding professional services for clients in all sectors of the economy.


CDS aspires to be the partner that helps business founders in the region to leave behind not only an inheritance, but also a legacy in making a lasting contribution to the region’s development. Be it privately-owned or publicly-traded companies, our aim is to help them ensure business continuity as well as longevity for their enterprises.


Since its inception, CDS has recognized the requirement of adding a new dimension in management consulting, that of “institutionalization”: we accompany our clients and remain actively involved throughout the entire process, including the design and development of the most appropriate solutions and their adoption at all levels.





Around the world, a wind of fundamental change is transforming the face of business. Corporate change is driven by a large number of factors, and as a result, traditional business assumptions are being challenged. There is realization that organizations have become complex open systems and that environments are changing rapidly, creating many opportunities and many threats. Organizations of every variety are realizing that change is a must for survival and prosperity.


Our objective is to assist our clients, in all sectors of the economy, to accomplish this change by renewing and revitalizing their organizations. We help them define where they are headed, how to reach their targets, and how to ensure that development continues. An integral part of our mission is to create a work environment where people grow, are content and fulfilled.


CDS has accumulated over 16 years of experience to lead its clients to navigate successfully through this complexity and change.





Underlying everything we do, is our core set of values: Dedication, Ethics, Excellence, Professionalism.


Each member of CDS team fully adheres to these values, and we strongly believe that by living up to them, success follows. CDS is a “for-profit” organization however never at the expense of its clients or its values.