Having successfully completed scores of assignments for reputable companies, CDS boasts:

  • An impeccable track record on project delivery
  • An excellent client satisfaction, as evidenced by referrals and repeat business
  • A highly qualified team of professionals
  • An in-depth understanding of diverse economic sectors and markets in the Arab world and beyond

Our emphasis is on excellence and our approach is based on 7 fundamental principles:

  1. Involve a senior professional in each project until completion, not only during the sales phase
  2. Exercise a profound respect for all the individuals in the client organization
  3. Be results oriented from day one on the job
  4. Maintain a global perspective but operate on the principle that the most effective solution takes into account both local opportunities and local conditions
  5. To consider human resources issues as key to success; we believe that success depends on people, and that by motivating people to change the way they think, feel and work together, the goals of their organization can be met
  6. Transfer as much know-how as possible from CDS to the clients’ organizations: CDS wants its clients to be amazed at their own ability to become stronger, more efficient, and more successful
  7. Establish a long-term partnership with each client

From day one on the job, CDS’ objective is to make a tangible difference by focusing on implementation:

  • Developing the best implementable solutions: At CDS, excellence is at the core of everything we do. While we constantly maintain a global perspective and are inspired by best practices, we also know that the best solution is a solution that can be realistically implemented within a reasonable time frame. This is why we carefully evaluate and take into consideration our clients’ local conditions and specific internal capabilities

  • Helping client teams embrace change: CDS exercises a profound and genuine respect for all the individuals in the client organization. We firmly believe that human resources represent a vital asset for any organization and that business objectives can only be reached when the interests of the organization and those of its people are aligned. We are therefore well aware that there can be no business transformation without people transformation. As a consequence, we know that cultural change often represents a major challenge that needs to be addressed. CDS makes use of its extensive expertise in the management of complex change programs to identify the root causes of resistance to change so that they are properly addressed and overcome

  • Using a holistic and collaborative change management approach: CDS teams are heavily involved in all steps of the change effort, and CDS senior professionals remain involved at all stages of a project, not only during the design, but also during implementation, where CDS works in close collaboration with client teams to ensure that:
    • Any assessment is factual, recognized, accepted, and shared internally
    • Where and as needed, internal awareness is raised concerning the need to change
    • Client teams understand and take ownership and paternity of all solutions developed

With the active support of CDS, Champions from within the client organization take the lead, as internal change agents, in making change happen and ensuring compliance. One of the intriguing realities of any change process is the realization that as soon as it is seemingly completed, new challenges emerge that require the initiation of a new cycle of change, making change an ongoing effort. Because CDS is also well aware of this fact, we ensure that our client organizations develop their own capability to continuously rejuvenate and reinvent themselves. We also remain involved and available, as long-term partners, to ensure that our clients keep meeting their goals.