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Nesma & Partners is a leading general contractor in Saudi Arabia. A member of the Nesma Group of companies (a diversified Saudi conglomerate), Nesma & Partners has built a solid track record in the KSA since its establishment in the 1980's, by serving key public and private sector clients in a variety of areas.

In 2006, Nesma & Partners encountered a number of significant opportunities and challenges. At the strategic level, shareholders and executives were evaluating a number of orientations, including whether to change target sectors, whether to remain as a general contractor, whether to target opportunities outside the KSA, and so forth.

At the operational and tactical levels, company executives had identified a number of priorities, among which: smoothly integrating two sister companies with specialized expertise (electrical and process engineering), preparing the company to handle an expected phase of rapid growth, reinforcing the company's added-value to clients and international partners, and building and retaining the company's human talent.

At the core of the planned changes was the intent of shareholders and executives to institutionalize the company and build a solid platform for its long term sustainability.

Nesma & Partners partnered with CDS to lead its institutionalization program. CDS designed, managed, and successfully executed the 12-month comprehensive program, which covered:

  • Redefining the company's vision, values, and strategic orientations
  • Working closely with the Board of Directors to establish and reinforce corporate governance mechanisms
  • Working closely with Nesma & Partners executives, middle managers, and line managers to cultivate the required culture and shift the focus from "project management" to "business management"
  • Optimizing and institutionalizing the company's operating modes, covering not only the optimization of core contracting processes but also the identification and development of a number of essential corporate functions
  • Designing optimal organizational systems, management systems, and human resources management systems to support the reengineered processes
  • Establishing and managing a comprehensive implementation program to translate all solutions and recommendations into reality

Following the completion of the institutionalization program, Nesma & Partners tripled its level of activities and consolidated its position as a top-tier contracting firm in the KSA and as a premier choice for clients and international contractors. Nesma & Partners also asked CDS to conduct the institutionalization of its sister company, Nesma Trading.