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Rawabi Group Holding is a large family-owned conglomerate that provides a diversified range of products and services in the fields of oil & gas, engineering & construction, power, telecom, industrial services, and logistics. The Rawabi Group operates in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, and is constituted of fully-owned subsidiaries, partially-owned companies, and joint venture companies with over 100 international partners from more than 25 countries.

In early 2008, Rawabi Group Holding asked CDS to lead, manage, and conduct the institutionalization program of the whole Group, including the establishment of governance mechanisms at both the corporate and family levels.

After an initial diagnostic phase, a comprehensive transformation program was first designed for the Head Office of the Group. The program consisted of redefining the Group's vision, mission, values, and corporate strategy as well as redesigning its corporate organization and central functions including finance, human resources, and IT.

In parallel with the deployment of the Group's strategy and the implementation of all solutions and recommendations developed at Group level, Rawabi Group Holding asked CDS to start the institutionalization of each one of its affiliates, covering the redefinition of their purpose, business strategy and business model in order to align them with the Group's new orientations, and to optimize all their operating, organizational, and management systems.

This vast institutionalization program resulted in a successful strategic repositioning of the Group and yielded significant internal improvements in each and every affiliate. And this was achieved with the buy-in and the enthusiastic support from all employees, at corporate level and in each affiliate.

Such an impressive impact could not have been achieved without the key ingredients of the CDS approach:

  • Structured and disciplined program management
  • Intense internal communication
  • Involvement of the upper and middle management at every step
  • Development of solutions based not only on best practices, but also on local market conditions and the specific capabilities of the Group
  • Systematic documentation
  • Strict follow-up during implementation
  • A genuine spirit of partnership between the Rawabi Group and CDS teams