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Société Nationale d'Assurances (SNA) is a leading insurance provider recognized in Lebanon and the Middle-East for its professionalism, modernity, technical competence, and performance.

In the mid-1990's, the company was experiencing strong growth and development in all fields of business.

SNA's Chairman and executive team, however, realized the need to undertake fundamental changes – at a time when SNA was at its peak – to prepare the company to face increasing competition in its home market and to lay the grounds for regional expansion. They called on CDS to help SNA in its development process.

The two-year SNA Transformation Program led by CDS involved a complete rethinking and overhaul of all aspects of the company's activities with the active participation of the majority of SNA's team. As a result of this comprehensive program, SNA was able to reap significant improvements in the quality, consistency, and efficiency of its processes. Quality improvements (such as significantly faster issuance of insurance policies) resulted in a tangible improvement in the satisfaction levels of customers' sales channels.

Improved employee productivity also enabled SNA to significantly grow revenues without growing headcount and expenses, leading to enhanced profitability.

The institutionalization of SNA's critical know-how also facilitated the company's regional expansion.

The company's institutionalization played a major role in the decision by AGF (member of Allianz / SNA Group) to acquire a majority stake in SNA in 1999.

Wishing to replicate the impact achieved by CDS at SNA, Allianz / SNA Group asked CDS to assist in the rejuvenation and institutionalization of Arab International Insurance Company (AIIC, now knownas Allianz / SNA-Egypt), a local insurer that Allianz / SNA had acquired.

The ensuing one-year change management program helped transform AIIC from a relatively small, free-zone company into a vibrant leading competitor in the general insurance market and the number one private life insurance player in Egypt.