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Board Members


Chief Executives

Senior Executives

Our experience tells us that business owners, chairmen, board members as well as CEO’s and senior executives are most sensitive to the business issues that we address in the course of our engagement with our clients. Therefore, these groups tend to constitute our primary focus. However and as explained in our approach, CDS works with all level of the organization from day one, to ensure proper implementation, when the time comes.


Many factors are continuously, and at an increasing rate, reshaping the business environment. New opportunities and threats are emerging from unexpected sources, often rendering traditional business assumptions inappropriate.


At the same time, access to increasingly sophisticated and demanding sources of financing is requiring organizations to put in place better governance mechanisms, more focused and creative strategies, and leaner operations.


These challenges are increasing the need for companies, including family businesses everywhere, to continuously reinvent and rejuvenate themselves, to improve the quality of their products and services, and to control costs. This demanding context represents a primary concern for Board Directors and Senior Executives.


According to various sources, family businesses generate between 70% and 90% of the world’s global GDP. However, 70% of them do not survive into the second generation, and 90% do not pass into the third generation. Therefore, one additional challenge facing family businesses in the Gulf, Middle-East & North Africa, is sustainability beyond the presence and involvement of the founder(s) and the reliance on a few key executives.


Furthermore, most business founders in the region would like to leave behind not only an inheritance, but also a legacy in making a lasting contribution to the region’s development. Therefore, a primary personal objective for them is to ensure business continuity as well as longevity for their enterprises, be it as privately-owned or as publicly-traded companies.


By doing so, they also wish to protect their shareholders, employees, and business partners (suppliers, distributors, etc.), and to maintain the contribution their companies make in the development of the local communities where they operate.


As in private banking, CDS executives naturally become the trusted private advisors of business owners, Board members and CEOs, actively and closely accompanying them during the entire process of institutionalization.