GB Auto



Board Director & Advisor to the CEO 2007 - 2010


“ When initially comparing CDS’ proposal of an involvement lasting in excess of eighteen months, as compared to the four to six months of all other consulting firms, I was worried that momentum would be lost over such a long period.


Today I can say that I am extremely happy CDS was able to convince me and the management team about the advantages of their approach, because the experience we gained over the last couple of years clearly showed me that—if trying to do the same in a materially shorter period of time—we would not have been able to achieve the results already in place, and most likely we would simply have created significant turmoil and confusion, probably leading to a worse performance.”



Group CFO


“ CDS was selected by the Board of Directors ahead of other major international names, not only because of its breadth of regional experience and understanding of regional culture, but also because it promised a long-term partnership with GB Auto to ensure the successful completion of the company’s goals.


Our Chairman and CEO, Dr. Raouf Ghabbour, is extremely pleased with the final result and effort of CDS and testifies that, without completing such an exercise with CDS, he cannot see how the business could continue to grow successfully at the rates that he envisions, nor how he could have attracted the management talent that the company is now beginning to enjoy.”

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